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Our Team

Dedicated to Community Building

  • Rick Kazemi


    A veteran in the industry, Rick has over thirty years experience in every aspect of the construction business, developing commercial retail spaces, high-end residential homes, multi-family residential homes and a collection of landmark concrete high-rise structures in downtown Vancouver. Holder of a Masters in Architecture from the University of Florence, Italy, Rick is highly sought after for his expertise not just in architectural design but also in construction, business practices and land acquisition.

  • Carla Kazemi

    Development Manager

    Carla is responsible for all of the essential behind-the-scenes operations we depend on at Tridecca. With over a decade of experience in our company, Carla is experienced in acquisition, feasibility, marketing and project coordination. Her expertise in single-family and multi-family mixed-use projects, from the public approvals process to handing the keys over to our clients, make her an invaluable member of our team.